I have had the opportunity to work on many fun and interesting projects over the past few years. From writing and translating teaching materials for hospitality courses to translating texts about warm person-centred care!

Below you will find an overview of the projects and organisations I work with and have worked with in the past.

Do you have a question about a specific project, or do you want to know what I can do for you? Be sure to send me a message!



Since the end of April, I’ve been writing educational TCE_Portfolio_A+O_logocontent for A+O Metalektro. This is the training fund for companies in the metals and electrical engineering industry. Part of that fund is the online learning platform oZone. This platform contains a large amount of educational materials, developed by and for companies, especially for the technical sector. For oZone, I write e-learning courses and tests, for instance about cleanrooms and the FMEA method.


The best projects are those for which you can combine your skillsTCE Translation & Editing portfolio - SVH and interests. For me, these definitely include the projects I get to do for Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH), a publisher of teaching methods for the hospitality industry. These projects are some of my favourites, as they allow me to combine my expertise in educational writing with my love for the hospitality industry (and they also ensure my seven years of waitressing experience aren’t going to waste!).
For SVH I’m currently writing magazines and theoretical and practical assignments for the Dutch teaching methods Ondernemersvaardigheden (Entrepreneurial Skills). I’ve also done this for the Dutch teaching methods Sociale Hygiëne (Social Responsibility) and Borrelshop (Off-licence). Additionally, I translated magazines and assignments (NL-EN) for the teaching methods Chef, Food & Beverages, Front Office and Social Responsibility. 


TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - UAntwerp

For researchers at the University of Antwerp I regularly edit English academic papers for scientific journals. These include papers on regional policy in Europe and on the e-commerce network in Belgium, among other things. 



For researchers at the University of Groningen, I have edited several papers in English for European projects. These include papers on energy law in the EU, microgrids and electricity storage.


TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - NoordhoffI’ve worked on quite a number of projects for Noordhoff Uitgevers. I have written several tests for the 7th edition of Stepping Stones, the English teaching method for secondary education. Most recently, I developed the materials for the skill Speaking for all levels of year 3 (b, k, gt, hv and vwo). For the 7th edition of Stepping Stones I also wrote the tests for Speaking and Writing for all levels of year 1 and 2, the Reading tests for one year 2 level, and the section Enrichment for a workbook for one year 3 level.

Before that, I wrote and edited Speaking and Writing tests for the 5th edition of Stepping Stones. I’ve done this for different levels for years 1 through 4. Additionally, I have performed screen checks for online practice materials for year 1 and 2.


The Dutch branch of Planetree International, Planetree Netherlands, TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - Planetreesupports healthcare organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium in improving and maintaining the quality of person-centred care. For Planetree I edit and translate healthcare-related texts (NL-EN and EN-NL). In addition, I have helped with the editorial aspects of setting up the new online tool for the Person-Centred Care Certification. Planetree Nederland also regularly calls on me to lead and transcribe focus group discussions.


TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - KiMFor the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis I edited various English papers about mobility and travel behaviour. I also translated a paper from English to Dutch. Additionally, I proofread a translated English paper in comparison to the Dutch original.


Helping people by creating effective, well-running and understandable texts is what makes me happy. As such, working with Scribbr was an excellent fit. Through this platform, I’ve managed to help many higher education students by proofreading their Dutch theses, reports and articles for spelling and grammar as TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - Scribbrwell as academic writing, structure and clarity. These were texts about a wide range of subjects, such as marketing and social media, the arts, educational theory, engineering, healthcare, communication and so on.


Besides my love for the hospitality industry, TCE Translation & Editing portfolio - ReframeI’m passionate about food and everything related to it; from its cultivation and production to the cooking process to get a fantastic dish on your plate. So, obviously, I was very excited when I was asked to translate a white paper on innovation in the food industry (NL-EN) for the Municipality of Groningen and Interreg for the Reframe project. And a year later I had just as much fun translating the rewritten sections and supplements of the same white paper.

TCE Translation & Editing Portfolio - K&CSTICHTING KUNST & CULTUUR

In 2018, I translated a proposal (NL-EN) for a programme on film education in Europe for the foundation K&C. In 2015, I carried out various editorial tasks concerning October Children’s Month in cooperation with Laura Baeten (EditUp). These included translating, editing and compiling reports of the organised activities in the four countries involved and writing popular texts about the activities.


For the platform Gengo I translated numerous texts (NL-EN) aboutTCE Translation & Editing Portfolio - Gengo a wide range of topics. My main project was translating user-generated content about a wide variety of auction items ranging from jewellery, gemstones and clothing to Persian carpets, ancient coins and antique furniture.
GoCheck-score: 9.5/10 (you can also view my Gengo Translator Profile).

TCE Translation & Editing Portfolio - TolqTOLQ

For the platform Tolq I translated and edited texts (Dutch to English, English to Dutch and German to Dutch) about a wide range of subjects.

Your project

Have you set up a website and do you need the texts proofread or translated? Do you have an application letter that is giving you trouble? Or did you write a report or research paper and are spelling and grammar not your strong suit? I can take care of it for you! In recent years, I have gained a lot of experience in translating and editing web texts, cover letters, CVs, academic articles and theses on a wide variety of subjects. Among other things, I have edited scientific articles and theses in the fields of business economics, the food industry, psychology, finance, English literature, biotechnology and mobility budgets.

Curious what I can do for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Send me any questions you have, and I will quickly get back to you.